1) VERB When something develops, it grows or changes over a period of time and usually becomes more advanced, complete, or severe.

As children develop, some of the most important things they learn have to do with their sense of self...

It's hard to say at this stage how the market will develop...

[V into n] These clashes could develop into open warfare.

[V-ing] society begins to have an impact on the developing child.

Derived words:
developed ADJ-GRADED

Their bodies were well-developed and super fit.

2) VERB If a problem or difficulty develops, it begins to occur.

A huge row has developed about the pollution emanating from a chemical plant.

[V from/out of n] ...blood clots in his lungs, a problem which developed from a leg injury.

3) VERB If you say that a country develops, you mean that it changes from being a poor agricultural country to being a rich industrial country.

All countries, it was predicted, would develop and develop fast.

4) V-ERG If you develop a business or industry, or if it develops, it becomes bigger and more successful.

[V n] An amateur hat-maker has won a scholarship to pursue her dreams of developing her own business...

Over the last few years tourism has developed considerably on the attractive neighbouring beaches.

build, expand
Derived words:
developed ADJ-GRADED

Housing finance is less developed and less competitive in continental Europe.

5) VERB To develop land or property means to make it more profitable, by building houses or factories or by improving the existing buildings.

[V n] European entrepreneurs developed fashionable restaurants, bars and discotheques in the area.

[V n] ...the cost of acquiring or developing property. [Also V]

Derived words:
developed ADJ-GRADED

Developed land was to grow from 5.3% to 6.9%.

6) VERB If you develop a habit, reputation, or belief, you start to have it and it then becomes stronger or more noticeable.

[V n] She later developed a taste for expensive nightclubs...

[V n] Mr Robinson has developed the reputation of a ruthless cost-cutter.

7) V-ERG If you develop a skill, quality, or relationship, or if it develops, it becomes better or stronger.

[V n] Now you have a good opportunity to develop a greater understanding of each other.

[V n] ...weekly workshops that are designed to develop acting and theatre skills...

[V n] We must develop closer ties with Germany...

Their friendship developed through their shared interest in the Arts.

Derived words:
developed ADJ-GRADED

...a highly developed instinct for self-preservation.

8) V-ERG If you develop an illness, or if it develops, you become affected by it.

[V n] The test should identify which smokers are most prone to develop lung cancer...

A sharp ache developed in her back muscles.

9) VERB If a piece of equipment develops a fault, it starts to have the fault.

[V n] The aircraft made an unscheduled landing at Gatwick after developing an electrical fault.

10) VERB If someone develops a new product, they design it and produce it.

[V n] He claims that several countries have developed nuclear weapons secretly.

[V-ed] ...a computer system specially developed for the Coastguard service.

11) V-ERG If you develop an idea, theory, story, or theme, or if it develops, it gradually becomes more detailed, advanced, or complex.

[V n] I would like to thank them for allowing me to develop their original idea...

[V n] This point is developed further at the end of this chapter...

My question was why theory develops, and why theories of a particular type develop when they do.

12) VERB To develop photographs means to make negatives or prints from a photographic film.

[V n] ...after developing one roll of film.

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